Team SKM is a fantastic group of riders ranking in all levels of dressage. Everyone has their unique goals from working on personal growth to international dreams. However one thing we can all share is our passion and love for our horses. Team SKM shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and California. It's never all work and no play. Post show potlucks are are given around here. We always seem to have a excuse to have a good time. From holiday parties to summer Tuesday night cocktail hour, Team SKM knows how to have fun!!

SKM Dressage

Successful FEI competitor and USDF Silver Medalist, Shaun Myers has been involved in the local northwest dressage community for many years. In 2004, Shaun established SKM Dressage, serving the east and south Puget Sound areas..


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There is a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available through SKM Dressage, including product endorsements, horse ownership campaigning and equipment/product donations.

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