I can't say enough wonderful things about Shaun Myers and SKM Dressage. If you're looking for a warm and inviting environment for you and your horse, you can't go wrong with SKM Dressage. Shaun is an attentive, knowledgable, kind, and just plain amazing trainer. I don't think there is anything she can't do with a horse! The barn is a family and it is just the best place to be, for horses and people. ~S.J. 2017

SKM Dressage is a thoroughly professional training and sales operation. We have been clients since 2012. During that time, Shaun Myers and her crew have successfully represented and sold 6 of our horses. SKM has provided the competent training, advertising, and showing, when appropriate, for finding forever homes for each horse. She is always sensitive to the personality and athletic gifts of each individual horse as she pairs it with an appropriate new owner. Tower Lane Farm provides a wonderful back drop for presenting a beautiful horse in a beautiful setting. The photographs and video are spectacular with Mt Rainier as a background. In addition to being a sales client, my personal horse, ET, and I have had the benefit of Shaun’s talent as an instructor. Shaun tailors her instruction to the individual needs of the rider and the horse. Shaun is always moving them toward their goal whether in the show ring or at home riding for fun. We would recommend SKM Dressage and Tower Lane to any horse person whether looking to buy, sell, train, or just enjoy the equestrian experience. Mark and Suzanne Satterlee (ET, Violet, Hero, Ivy, Veritas, Bon Bon , & VG) 2017



One year ago, on April 10, my buddy Scout was diagnosed with a sesamoid injury in his right hind leg.  Stem cell surgery followed shortly and thus began the longest year of Scout's life... and mine. Scout, an active 10 year old gelding,  was on post surgery doctor's orders of stall rest with only 15 minutes a day of handwalking.  Grrroooannn.  Month by month Shaun and her dedicated staff brought Scout out daily, in his halter and lead rope, and could only allow him to walk, walk, walk for an entire year!   Fast forward to a few weeks ago... a moment that I wondered if I would ever see again... bridled, saddled and Shaun aboard!  My boy was actually out of his stall and walking under saddle!  I don't know who was smiling the biggest - me, Shaun, or Scout!  Shaun invited me to finish the inaugural ride... and onboard my buddy I cried tears of happiness.  Such a loonggg time.  Getting on Scout was like coming home again.  Shaun and crew deserve a huge "THANK YOU" for all the care and attention given Scout to bring him back.  Shaun, I owe you debt of gratitude for personally getting me through this by encouraging me to ride Allie and continue my learning; but most importantly, I appreciate, beyond words, how supportive you were of me when 3 months after surgery the news wasn't stellar,  at 6 months post-surgery the recovery was not up to his doctor's standards, at 9 months we were told "another" 90 days.  OMG.   I fell apart at the 6 and 9 month news and you were there to reassure me that it was all going to be okay.  AND - IT IS!  Scout is doing GREAT... and, so am I.  Kudos to SKM Dressage staff:
Shaun - for all the reasons above! 
Katie and Taylor - for handwalking,  wrapping and constant vigilance of the surgery site.  
Katie - Je vous remercie pour l'enseignement du français à Scout sur vos promenades quotidiennes
Luis and Pepe - for all the extra attention to Scout's needs. 
Dr. John Stenslie -  for your very excellent care and conservative approach allowing us to be 110% today!   
And, thank you to my barn buddies for being so caring about Scout and me throughout this last year; and for celebrating our return to working pony! 

SKM Dressage - What an awesome place to be!



"Shaun is not only a trusted advisor and coach, she is a trusted friend. In the 5 years since I started riding with Shaun, I see Towerlane farm more than just a place to challenge myself in the saddle...it's like my second home." H.B 2010


Shaun has the best way of explaining how to ride. It's in laymen's terms and you are constantly thinking, doing and succeeding. If you are stuck, Shaun can explain how to fix it, in a way that is easy to do and remember, you always leave a lesson with something specific to work on. The way she teaches sticks with you and you learn how to train your horse the classical way. She instills total confidence in you by giving you tools and teaching you how to respond naturally. She passes her amazing talent on to you as a rider. In working for Shaun as a working student, I have been able to ride many different breeds and personalities. It has expanded my knowledge of horses and all involved in many directions and I can't thank her enough for the opportunity to learn so much! All in all, my favorite accomplishment was taking a hunter-trained, red-head-to-boot, broodmare from training to schooling 3rd! Dora and I couldn't have come this far without Shaun's help. Thank you Shaun!!


"I showed up at Shaun's barn a year and a half ago with a very green and very naughty mare.  I had no idea the potential my horse and I had together until we started working with Shaun.  Shaun is patient, uncomplicated and makes learning fun.  I occasionally leave my girl with Shaun for full time training and I get back a happy horse who's improvements are phenomenal.   I am very much looking forward to this year's show season with the goal of qualifying for championships, a goal I never thought possible before, but there were many things I never thought my mare and I could accomplish until we met Shaun." I.P - 2010

Kashmire was purchased by Jennifer in Houston, TX

Jennifer writes...

Kashmir is so wonderful, and he is doing very well. When the weather is good, he spends the day out in a 2 acre pasture with 2 other older geldings who he seems to really enjoy. They have lots of grass and an area with big shade trees. He is looking great and has stayed really sound and happy. He has been teaching me a lot, and he is so patient and trustworthy! We've had some great clinics and shows, and we usually go out for relaxing trail rides on Sunday afternoons. I feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. Thank you!

Best regards,

A lovely message from the new owners of the Arabian Stallion El Sayyad Ma...

"Thank you Shaun Myers for allowing me the opportunity to own such a wonderful stallion! I could not ask for more"


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Successful FEI competitor and USDF Silver Medalist, Shaun Myers has been involved in the local northwest dressage community for many years. In 2004, Shaun established SKM Dressage, serving the east and south Puget Sound areas..


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